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Yahoo sexs Elvis What HappenedElvis What Happened is a book about the personal life of singer Elvis Presley. The book which is based on the personal accounts of three of Elvis former bodyguards went into detail on the singers dangerous drugdependence. His death only two weeks after the books publication in July 1977 made it highly topical and helped boost its sales to over 3 million.The guards Robert Gene West his cousin Sonny West and David Hebler had been fired officially for costsaving reasons but at the time many suspected it was because they had been heavily critical of Elvis increasing intake of and dependence upon various drugs. With help from reporter Steve Dunleavy they produced the tellall memoir which they claimed to be a friendly warning rather than a moneymaking exercise. Since the singers death most of its claims have proven accurate.ContentsIn July 1976 Red and Sonny West together with Dave Hebler were fired by Presleys father Vernon from their jobs as bodyguards to the singer.1 Red had known Presley since they had attended high school together and had become a very close friend to him. He became a part of Presleys inner cir

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