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Don t install the grindr DedicationThis web paper is dedicated to the memory of my wife of 43 years Barbara Cohen24 August 1945 11 July 2016.It was Barbaras intuition that mothers milk could fight cancer and her webresearch that turned up the first article for us in August 1999 that startedmy healing journey and which resulted in this web site. In addition it was herway with people that led to my first receiving milk from a donor and to mylater being able to purchase milk from a Milk Bank.Some of this story will unfold as you read this paper.It was her love and support her intuition insights and comfort with peoplethat led to the so far happy conclusion of my cancer story. Seventeen yearsafter diagnosis July 2016 I have no detectable cancer without any medicalinterventions beyond noninvasive diagnostics. She will be sorely missed.Read on for more details. IntroductionOn 4

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Escort in Liuhe Modern HereticPostsThe profound semitic ugliness of the modern world can not be overstated. Were surrounded by pervasive spiritual poison spewing out of the kosher entertainment outlets from the sickening spectacle of the Liberia Ball to We now return to Dr. Negro and his White harem on the talmudvision to degenerate art and vile jungle music. Its like walking around waist deep in a privy. Then you have the semihuman specimens were forced to share our ancestral homelands with because of various womp womp stories and hey you want to keep that careerism right At best the negro and lateenoh aliens provide a steady and annoying brown noise in the background at worst you get moronic all against all incidents like todays topic.Hair extensions went flying during a wild brawl inside a Walmart in Ohio.Here is the final triumph of six millennia of building civilizations conquering nature and eventually extending ourselves to the heavens above. Cr

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