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SEX in Salinopolis Song SeungHeonContents ProfileGhost Gosuto 2010 JunHoFate Sookmyeong 2008 Kim WooMinSo Close Chik yeung tin si 2002 YenBlack OCN 2017 Black Han MooGangDr. Jin Dakteo Jin MBC 2012 Jin HyukLaw Firm Lopeom SBS 2001 Jeong Yeongwoong Awards Comments WebsiteMere Mary BlackMay 15 2018 405 amSong SeungHeon is my absolute favourite Korean actor. I love all the movies he has acted in but my absolute favourite is Saimdang but to be honest Black is the one that drew me to him. I wish him well with all his future projects and unlimited happiness. Kind regards Mere Black from Auckland New Zealand.Emma KejickMay 09 2018 151 pmI love watching this new series I am watching it for the third time already.The love between the two main character is awesomeKurooApr 30 2018 734 amOH MY GOD Im not alone OvO I even thought he looks like ok taecyeon Taecyeon was the first actor I love and then Song showed up... JhemApr 23 2018 419 pmSong seung heon will be my best actor in korean drama and the most humble one for me.. Im wishing all the best for himAnonApr 22 2018 232 amAm i the only one that think he looks like ok taecyeon a lot. I love both of them.JasminApr 15 2018 205 pmactually i was looking for some movie but then mesmerize with this Korean drama and for the first I was attracted to the title and start watching since I started i did not get off the couch and even eat in front of the TV. not even sleep. I was up all night just to watch it. T

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