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Adult chat free ontario site It shows that they dont need me. Jacob 27Independence is attractive because it means they have their own thoughts and interests outside of me creates a much deeper and interesting person. Sam 26 ADVERTISEMENT To be independent you have to have a lot of other good qualities. Like youve gotta have some sort of levelheadedness intellect and confidence. Marcus 27Because youre creating your own path for others to follow. Sunny 49 On the opposite end of the spectrum the biggest turnoff they said was neediness. Its a dealbreaker if she doesnt know how to be without her boyfriend. This can be in the form of expecting constant communication not wanting to hang out with her own friends or showing irritation when her significant other is unavailable. If this sounds like you cut it out. You have to know how to be secure with yourself and in return you wont need a man to make you feel complete. Whoever recognizes this about you will appreciate you as a partner even more.But theres a difference between being selfreliant and playing hard to get. Its only a matter of time before that becomes old and the chase is no longer fun or going anywhere. Independence is a characteristic not a game. Men appreciate this quality in a potential partner because it proves youll be a good teammate who can pull their