Bumble bee on yellow flower by RachaelI awoke in the night to a highpitched beeping sound that I didnt recognize. I grabbed my cell phone but it wasnt making the noise. It was from outside my room and it sounded like an alarm of some kind. I wanted to go back to sleep. I closed my eyes but that noise was so annoying. I threw off the covers and opened my bedroom door. Mom Turn uf offt My tongue felt thick. I had to stop that obnoxious sound. But I think I was naked. I didnt know what to do about it. I looked at the phone in my hand but it didnt have any answers. I looked around trying to remember what I was doing up and out of bed. I spotted a pair of boxers on the floor and somehow knew thats what I wanted. I picked them up and tried to figure out what to do with them. That damned fucking noise was messing with my brain.Maum Wat dfugk thatStaggering down the hall which was moving back and forth for some reason I came to a door and opened it. My moms bedroom. Lights on. Mom lying on the floor. Huh What was she doing that forMah Do yah doin for Something was wrong with her. Something was wrong with me. We had to get out get away.I went in and grabbed her and tried to pick her up. Ged ow Malm. I dragged her to the hallway. She wasnt heavy but she was all dead weight. Mom was dead We were both dead I pulled her to the edge of the stairs and went down

Free photo albania nude My name is Lyn. Im 18 and small in size. 110lbs and 5.3 tall. I have had a couple of boyfriends but never really got into anything to heavy. My story is true and it was on my part completely unplanned.My evening started by going out with a couple of girlfriends. Jenny who I have known for a few years and Jo. I havent known Jo for long. Just met her a few weeks ago. I had heard about her before mostly bad I have to say. She has a reputation so to speak for being a real flirt and for the most part easy. She is always popular with guys for one reason she sleeps around a lot.Anyway the three of us dressed in mini dresses heals and out we went. It was a warm evening and I was really looking forward to having a good time. We hit a bar just down the block and it wasnt to long before we went clubbing. Guys were hanging around Jo and the drinks started flowing freely. I dont really drink so after a few I was starting to feel a little worse for wear.It wasnt long before we were on the move again to another club. Jenny informed me she had never been there before but it was one of the clubs that Jo knew well and had been to often. I agreed to go as I guessed it would just be a matter of time before we were on the move again. We grabbed a cab and set off. It seemed quite a

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Real life hermaphrodite Ugly SisterBandAids Your friend this term is used by my mother aunts and their cousins. And we need BandAids when it gets here. November 2002The banks of the Nile are overflowing and running red from Im having my euphemism by Donna Lypchuk in the Eye Weekly 42000 at httpwww.eye.neteyeissueissue04.20.00columnsnecro.html April 2004The beast the contributor writes I call it the beast. giggle I just thought it was appropriate and have been saying it for years. My girlfriend calls it her visitor or being visited but you already have that one. July 2001Been there doingthat the contributor some 14 23yearold girl from Texas emails What my friends and I say when we are on our periods is Been there doing that. The been there part offers consolation to those who recently were on it or had cramps previously while the doing that part refers to the fact that you are on your period currently. None of the guys have been able to identify what we are talk